DC: The New Frontier TPB

DC: The New Frontier TPB Review

DC Comics Story, Art: Darwyn Cooke Colours: Dave Stewart It would be easy to dismiss Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier as another retro inspired reinterpretation of the currently stagnated superhero genre. Essentially, that is all it is. Comparisons to James Robinson’s The Golden Age are also inevitable, but Cooke avoids that book’s descent into darker […]

Young Avengers vol. 1: Sidekicks

Young Avengers vol. 1: Sidekicks TPB Review

Marvel Writer: Allan Heinberg Pencils: Jim Cheung Inks: John Dell, Mark Morales, Drew Geraci Colours: Justin Ponsor In the genre specific confines of the comic medium it is so rare to be surprised by a superhero book, let alone one published by Marvel. Sidekicks is everything it shouldn’t be, fresh, energetic and intelligent. I cannot […]