Dead Run #1

Dead Run #1 Comic Book Review

BOOM! Studios Story: Andrew Cosby Script: Michael Alan Nelson Artist: Francesco Biagini Colours: Matthew Wilson It’s Mad Max meets Vanishing Point, in this kinetic post-apocalyptic four part series created by Eureka scribe Andrew Cosby. When daredevil delivery driver Nick Masters’ sister is kidnapped by crime boss Kane, he is forced to deliver a package across […]

Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation Movie Review

James Cameron’s once treasured Terminator franchise has seen its ups and downs over the last few years. A second sequel that offered little more than a retread veering into self-parody and a sixty year-old Schwarzenegger, and an occasionally interesting and cerebral television show that was cancelled just as it was looking promising have diminished the […]

Grim Furry Tales: Seeds

Grim Furry Tales: Seeds Review

Grim Crew Written and Created by Martin Brandt II Artists: Jason Stephens, Eric Boswell, Chase Bowman, Martinho Duarte Abreu, Bob Smeets, Roberto Macedo Alves, Matthew Pinchback, Carl Jeffers, Paul Petyo, Timothy Kepple, Martin Brandt II, Jim, Amanda Faye, Matthew Pinchback, Kit White, Candy Hart It’s surprising how strong an idea of a book’s content you […]