Alien vs. Predator: Three World War #1

Alien vs. Predator: Three World War #1 Review

Dark Horse, $3.50 Script: Randy Stradley Pencils: Rick Leonardi Inks: Mark Pennington Colours: Wez Dzioba Anyone who got into comics during the early nineties will likely have fond memories of Dark Horse’s numerous movie tie-ins, the most successful of which by far was Aliens vs. Predator and its thousand or so predecessors. Well, having recently […]

Siege: Embedded #2

Siege: Embedded #2 Review

Marvel, $3.99 Writer: Brian Reed Artist: Chris Samnee Colours: Matthew Wilson While the Civil War crossover event a few years back turned out to be a big fuss over nothing, one of several highlights was the Front Line miniseries, which detailed the unfolding events post-Stamford from journalist Ben Urich’s perspective. And with Siege looking to […]

Incorruptible #1

Incorruptible #1 Review

Boom! Studios, $3.99 Writer: Mark Waid Pencils: Jean Diaz Inks: Belardino Brabo Colours: Andrew Brabo Take Mark Waid’s excellent series about a superhero gone bonkers, Irredeemable, turn it on its head, and what do you have? Mark Waid’s new series about a supervillain seeking redemption, Incorruptible! The above oversimplification isn’t intended to demean Incorruptible by […]