The Waking #1

The Waking #1 (of 4) Comic Review

Zenescope, $3.99 Writer: Raven Gregory Pencils: Vic Drujiniu Colours: Mark Roberts The Waking’s is a decidedly old-fashioned horror story, a Gothic tale in which the dead are seemingly returning from the grave to exact revenge on their killers. Unlike many other horror titles, the gore quota is downplayed in favour of a thoughtful, intricate narrative […]

Kick-Ass - Hit Girl

Kick-Ass Graphic Novel Review

Icon/Titan Books, 2010 Writer: Mark Millar Pencils: John Romita Jr. Inks: Tom Palmer Colours: Dean White With the gleefully gratuitous movie adaptation about to hit cinemas, Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass has gone from being yet another superhero movie to the little comic that could. The film’s development is perhaps more interesting than the comic series itself; […]