Ninja Banana

Rubicon Publishing Takes Graphic Novels to the Classroom

Earlier this year I featured a book called Fool’s Gold, an ambitious collaborative project from the Dearne High College in Rotherham, which aimed to encourage reading and writing in pupils. It’s always heartening to hear of comic books breaking though literary prejudices, and even more so to see comics enlightening children and teens. Contrary to […]

The Grave Shakers - Mike Foxall

Mike Foxall Has Elvis Turning in His Grave

Australian illustrator, animator, short film maker and punk rocker Mike Foxall has released Issue 1 of The Grave Shakers, a new self-published comic series under his XRay Studios ( label. The 4-part miniseries sees famous rock icons brought back to life by mad scientist Doctor Sponglehoff, who plans to combine his two great passions, “genetic re-animation […]