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Ninja Banana

Rubicon Publishing Takes Graphic Novels to the Classroom

Earlier this year I featured a book called Fool’s Gold, an ambitious collaborative project from the Dearne High College in Rotherham, which aimed to encourage reading and writing in pupils. It’s always heartening to hear of comic books breaking though literary prejudices, and even more so to see comics enlightening children and teens. Contrary to […]

Spider-man No More

A Brief History of Comic Books

In this unrepentantly subjective feature I look at the evolution of Western comic books, the present state of sequential art, the medium’s digital potential and what publishers must do to ensure future interest. Depending on whom you ask, the comic book is dying, enjoying a creative renaissance, or slowly being integrated into largely non-profitable webcomics […]

Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons Interview: On the Digital Artist 2009 Awards and Watchmen

I recently had the opportunity to talk to comic book veteran and Watchman co-creator Dave Gibbons. Dave is currently promoting the Digital Artist 2009 awards, but was also happy to share his thoughts on the virtues of digital illustration and digitally distributed comics. Please tell us why you decided to get involved in the Digital […]