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Vampire Free Style

Vampire Free Style #4 Review

Written and Illustrated by: Jenika Ioffreda Vampires, vampires everywhere, and not a drop to drink. The monster so popular they’ve practically had an entire genre erected around them… and so on. Though calling the modern Nosferatu a “monster” is something of an overgeneralization, given the number of thoroughly decent bloodsuckers that have descended from […]

Justice League of America #31

Justice League of America #31 Review

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie Pencils: Shane Davis Inks: Sandra Hope Colours: Pete Pantazis More than any other superhero group, the Justice League of America has always lacked a plausible reason for its continuing existence. The Justice Society is a family of crimefighters old and new, while the X-Men banded together as fellow outcasts. Even the members […]

Daredevil #117

Daredevil #117 Comic Book Review

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artists: Michael Lark, Stefano Gaudiano Colours: Matt Hollingsworth One of the problems superhero comics have in maintaining long-term reader interest is that nothing really changes. Just as we know that Bruce Wayne will eventually reprise the role of Batman and Spider-man will one day reunite with Mary Jane, it’s hardly surprising that […]