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Iron Man: Disassembled

Iron Man Disassembled TPB Review

2004, Marvel Writer: John Jackson Miller, Mark Ricketts Pencilers: Jorge Lucas, Tony Harris, Scott Kolins Inkers: Tom Feister, Charles Wallace Colours: Antonio Fabela, J.D. Mettler Though Marvel’s finest would soon reassemble under the New Avengers title, the ‘Disassembled’ plotline saw the team exit with more whimper than bang. This book sees Tony struggle with the […]

The New Avengers vol. 1: Breakout

New Avengers vol. 1: Breakout TPB Review

2006, Marvel Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Pencils: David Finch Inks: Danny Miki, Mark Morales Allen Martinez, Victor Olazaba Colours: Frank D’Armata Ever since its announcement, I’ve resented the New Avengers line-up. You see, in my Avengers, Justice League and X-titles consuming heyday I was always interested in the little guys; the Blue Beetles, Booster Golds […]