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Dark Avengers #4

Dark Reign: Dark Avengers #4 Comic Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Mike Deodato Colours: Rain Beredo When the Dark Avengers series was first announced, its title struck me as a little odd. Darth Vader and Sith Lord company aside, modern antagonists rarely view themselves as actual villains. Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor and Magneto all proclaim to have humanity’s best interests at […]

Thunderbolts vol. 1: Faith in Monsters

Thunderbolts vol. 1: Faith in Monsters TPB Review

2008, Marvel Writer: Warren Ellis, Paul Jenkins Artist: Mike Deodato Jr., Mark Silvestri, Marc Guggenheim, Leinil Yu Colours: Rainier Beredo, June Chung, Dave McCaig, Frank D’Armata Okay, so it’s another year, another reboot for the Thunderbolts, a series that has always been enjoyable but never exceptional. With sales magnet Warren Ellis on board, and a […]