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Sweet Tooth #1

Sweet Tooth #1 Comic Book Review

Vertigo Story, Art: Jeff Lemire Colours: Jose Villarrubia DC/Vertigo continue their Machiavellian ploy of releasing the latest first issues at just $1.00, gradually inclining my monthly comic bill into something that could buy a Third World country. Still, when the new series in question is Sweet Tooth, the lingering new effort from indie writer/artist Jeff […]

Aliens #2

Aliens #2 Comic Book Review

Dark Horse Writer: John Arcudi Pencils: Zach Howard, Gabriel Andrade Inks: Mark Irwin, Marcelo Mueller, Zach Howard Colours: Wes Bzioba The first issue of Dark Horse’s new Aliens miniseries balanced somewhere between generic and shocking; with a (seemingly) standard plot livened up by Arcudi’s decision to kill his (seemingly) main characters a dozen pages after […]

Predator #1 - Dark Horse

Predator #1 Comic Book Review

Dark Horse Writer: John Arcudi Art: Javier Saltares Colours: Wes Ozioba, Andrew Alder The first issue of Dark Horse’s Aliens comic resurrection released several weeks ago was a solid if pedestrian return to the franchise, saved by some decent dialogue and a genuinely unexpected twist. Hot on that series’ heels is the Predator, that other […]

Aliens #1

Aliens #1 Comic Book Review

Dark Horse Writer: John Arcudi Pencils: Zach Howard Inks: Mark Irwin, Zack Howard Colours: Wes Dzioba With Dark Horse currently compiling their back catalogue into rather neat Omnibus editions, it’s surprising how well many of the early Aliens, Predator and Terminator miniseries still read. Naturally, there were only so many directions these franchises could be […]

Dead Run #1

Dead Run #1 Comic Book Review

BOOM! Studios Story: Andrew Cosby Script: Michael Alan Nelson Artist: Francesco Biagini Colours: Matthew Wilson It’s Mad Max meets Vanishing Point, in this kinetic post-apocalyptic four part series created by Eureka scribe Andrew Cosby. When daredevil delivery driver Nick Masters’ sister is kidnapped by crime boss Kane, he is forced to deliver a package across […]