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Toner #5 by Jonathan Wayshak

Toner #5 Comic Book Review

2010 Story, Art: Jonathan Wayshak Toner #5 is the latest self-published offering from the innately talented Jonathan Wayshak. While he’s worked for mainstream publishers such as DC (the Ferryman miniseries, Authority: The Lost Year) and Image, it’s apparent why Wayshak has remained in self-publishing mode for the past decade. Toner is bawdy, perverse, irreverent, passionate […]

Maximum Lifespan

Maximum Lifespan – Dr. Ed Park Interview

A few months back I reviewed Dr. Ed Park’s Maximum Lifespan, an intelligent and multifaceted sci-fi thriller set in world where medical technology is close to unlocking the secrets of immortality. Ed, a Californian physician practicing Ob-Gyn, Laser Aesthetics and Anti-Aging, financed the book himself, and it has to be one of the slickest self-published […]

Armageddon Quest

Ron Roach’s 900-page Epic ‘Armageddon Quest’ Needs YOU!

Killing the Grizzly, a new literary agency specialising in graphic novels, is currently embarking on a personal mission to get Ron Roach’s 900-page epic Armageddon Quest published. For those unfamiliar with the comic (as I was), Armageddon Quest has taken Roach nearly 20 years to complete. The black and white graphic novel, which “chronicles the […]