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Cartoonist Sandra de Haan’s Strips Get The English Treatment

Dutch comic artist Sandra de Haan is currently translating her excellent comic strips into English. Her humour definitely translates well, with Sandra’s candid strips commenting on anything from surviving film festivals and enduring the BBC’s wilting standards to the social intricacies of toileting. She has a unique brand of quirk that will definitely appeal to […]

Grim Furry Tales: Seeds

Grim Furry Tales: Seeds Review

Grim Crew Written and Created by Martin Brandt II Artists: Jason Stephens, Eric Boswell, Chase Bowman, Martinho Duarte Abreu, Bob Smeets, Roberto Macedo Alves, Matthew Pinchback, Carl Jeffers, Paul Petyo, Timothy Kepple, Martin Brandt II, Jim, Amanda Faye, Matthew Pinchback, Kit White, Candy Hart It’s surprising how strong an idea of a book’s content you […]

Vampire Free Style

Vampire Free Style #4 Review

Written and Illustrated by: Jenika Ioffreda www.neptunefactory.com Vampires, vampires everywhere, and not a drop to drink. The monster so popular they’ve practically had an entire genre erected around them… and so on. Though calling the modern Nosferatu a “monster” is something of an overgeneralization, given the number of thoroughly decent bloodsuckers that have descended from […]