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Ultimate Iron Man vol. 1 TPB Review

Marvel Writer: Orson Scott Card Pencils: Andy Kubert and Mark Bagley Inks: Danny Miki, Batt, Jesse Delperdang, John Dell, Scott Koblish Colours: Richard Isanove, Dave McCaig, Laura Martin What initially surprised most about the Ultimate Universe during its first two years is how similar the majority of hero origins were to their mainstream parallels. Ultimate […]

House of M: Fantastic Four / Iron Man TPB

House of M: Fantastic Four / Iron Man TPB Review

Marvel, 2006 Writers: John Laymen, Greg Pak Pencils: Scot Eaton, Pat Lee Inks: Don Hillsman II, Rick Magyar Colours: Dean White, Rob Ro, Dream Engine Alternate universes are more often than not an extraneous affair, short lived and ultimately imposing little change on the mainstream “realities” from whence they spawned. The House of M plot […]

The New Avengers vol. 1: Breakout

New Avengers vol. 1: Breakout TPB Review

2006, Marvel Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Pencils: David Finch Inks: Danny Miki, Mark Morales Allen Martinez, Victor Olazaba Colours: Frank D’Armata Ever since its announcement, I’ve resented the New Avengers line-up. You see, in my Avengers, Justice League and X-titles consuming heyday I was always interested in the little guys; the Blue Beetles, Booster Golds […]

She-Hulk: Single Green Female

She-Hulk: Single Green Female TPB Review

2004, Marvel Story: Dan Slott Pencils: Juan Bobillo, Paul Pelletier Inks: Marcela Sasa, Roland Paris, Tom Simmons, Don Hillsman Colours: Chris Chuckry, Avalon Studios It’s not unusual for comic writers to fuse other genres with the superhero formula. Luke Cage was born from blaxploitation, Shang Chi started kicking ass when martial arts infatuated the Western […]