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The Exterminators vol. 2: Insurgency

The Exterminators vol. 2: Insurgency TPB Review

2006 DC/Vertigo Writer: Simon Oliver Pencils: Tony Moore, Chris Samnee Inks: Ande Parks, Sean Parsons, Tony Moore Colours: Brian Buccellato Essentially, Simon Oliver’s Exterminators is Repo Man set in a pest control institution. This is not to say that Exterminators is in any way derivative of Alex Cox’s cult classic, but that it presents a […]

John Constantine: Hellblazer

John Constantine: Hellblazer – Empathy is the Enemy / The Red Right Hand Review

2006, DC/Vertigo Writer: Denise Mina Art: Leonardo Manco, Cristiano Cucina Colours: Lee Loughridge Letters: Jared K. Fletcher Of Vertigo’s prestigious catalogue, Hellblazer has always remained the most accessible title. John Constantine’s popularity can be contributed to the character’s strict adhesion to the noir genre. A paranormal Philip Marlowe, Constantine is an empty vessel with little […]

Hellblazer: Hard Times

Hellblazer: Hard Times TPB Review

2001, DC / Vertigo Story: Brian Azzarello Art: Richard Corben Colours: James Sinclair Letters: Clem Robins There comes a time in any good franchise when one of our favourite characters will find themselves behind bars. Brian Azzarello’s recent run on Daredevil has been exceptional, with Matt Murdock’s incarceration in particular adding a new dimension to […]