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Madrox: Multiple Choice TPB

Madrox: Multiple Choice TPB Review

2006, Marvel Writer: Peter David Penciller: Pablo Raimondi Inker: Drew Hennessy Colourist: Brian Reber One question I’m frequently asked by friends who’ve been bitten by the comic book bug, typically via movie adaptations, is “what’s your favourite superhero?” Despite my best efforts to, firstly, explain that I generally choose the books I read on the […]

Ultimate Annuals vol. 1

Ultimate Annuals vol. 1 TPB Review

2006, Marvel Writers: Mark Millar, Brian K. Vaughan, Brian Michael Bendis Artists: Jae Lee, Tom Raney, Mark Brooks, Steve Dillon Inkers: Scott Hanna, Jaime Mendoza Colourists: June Chung, Gina Going-Raney, Dave Stewart, Paul Mounts This volume collects the four 2006 annuals from Marvel’s slowly declining Ultimate imprint. It’s an odd medley in all, with three […]