About Welcome to The Fold

Harvard Standt’s creator did not spend much time on him…

Harvard Standt once consumed fiction by the spoonful. He dedicated Wednesday evenings to cult classic The Red Room, devoured Starred Spangler comics during his lunch breaks, and allocated weekends to Starship Endeavor marathons that played until his eyes bled. Myth was his security blanket, his best friend and his devoted partner. But several years ago they went their separate ways, and Harvard begun dating a girl called Reality.

Needless to say, she turned out to be a bit of a bitch.

And now Harvard is alone, bewildered and quite dead, after his half-hearted suicide attempt received a helping hand from the enigmatic gentleman known as the

Lucid Dreamer. To complicate matters even further, Harvard Standt has managed to do what no everyman before him has. He’s messed up his own novel.

Destined to spend his days in a limbo for surplus literary creations, Harvard has but one hope: the Collected Continuum, the adjudicators of all Myth. To ensure that his story is not completely abandoned by his negligent creator, he must circumvent the pitfalls of a devious, sentient London, confront a menagerie of inhuman foes, win the heart of a girl designed specifically to love him and save the universe.

His universe, at least.

Blending elements of fantasy, comedy, magical realism, superhero tropes, experimental literature and British science fiction, Welcome to the Fold is a tale of one man’s love for a good story, a satire on the oversaturation of modern publishing, and an epic adventure about fictions within fictions and worlds within worlds.


Welcome to The Fold is the standalone first volume in a proposed 6-part series, The Last and the First. The second volume in the series, Split Infinites, is currently under development, and will be released after my second full-length novel, vegan(Vn), and also an anthology of short stories set within the Fold universe. So please don’t expect it any time soon…

Welcome to The Fold


Part One of Welcome to The Fold is currently available on Amazon Kindle. Other formats will follow.

Anyone willing to write a review of the book (positive or negative) can request a free review copy.

“Innovative and powerful”

Amazon UK review

“The premise of the story is incredible and the development of the story whilst a little slow is gripping. I am a massive fan of authors taking risks and this book has them in spades.”

Amazon UK review

“The onslaught of metafictional tidbits, literary references and cod philosophy made me want to repeatedly punch myself in the abdomen until I vomited my spleen.”

Sherman Kegg

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you’d read something else.”

Starship Endeavor creator Hal Arnaz

“I didn’t even know he could write.”

The author’s mum

Disclaimer: only two of these quotes are genuine.