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  • The Nobody Graphic Novel Review

    The Nobody Graphic Novel Review

    2009, DC/Vertigo Written and Illustrated by Jeff Lemire With Canadian artist/writer Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth currently receiving widespread acclaim, his previous efforts Essex County Trilogy and The Nobody are justly receiving a great deal of backdated attention. But it’s easy to appreciate why The Nobody slipped under the radar last year; this contemporary take on…

  • Sweet Tooth #1 Comic Book Review

    Sweet Tooth #1 Comic Book Review

    Vertigo Story, Art: Jeff Lemire Colours: Jose Villarrubia DC/Vertigo continue their Machiavellian ploy of releasing the latest first issues at just $1.00, gradually inclining my monthly comic bill into something that could buy a Third World country. Still, when the new series in question is Sweet Tooth, the lingering new effort from indie writer/artist Jeff…