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  • Supergod #1 Review

    Supergod #1 Review

    Avatar Oct 09, $3.99 Story: Warren Ellis Art: Garrie Gastonny Avatar’s range of gimmick-free comics created by genuinely talented writers has so far produced some pretty decent titles, but Warren Ellis’s Supergod is the first series from the publisher that actually feels like it could be an enduring classic. The third part in a thematic…

  • Thunderbolts vol. 1: Faith in Monsters TPB Review

    Thunderbolts vol. 1: Faith in Monsters TPB Review

    2008, Marvel Writer: Warren Ellis, Paul Jenkins Artist: Mike Deodato Jr., Mark Silvestri, Marc Guggenheim, Leinil Yu Colours: Rainier Beredo, June Chung, Dave McCaig, Frank D’Armata Okay, so it’s another year, another reboot for the Thunderbolts, a series that has always been enjoyable but never exceptional. With sales magnet Warren Ellis on board, and a…