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  • Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic TPB Review

    Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic TPB Review

    DC Comics, 2011 Writer: Paul Dini Art: Stephane Roux, Chad Hardin, Jesus Saiz Garder Fox’s Zatanna Zatara receives her first ongoing series after a mere half-decade. While the buxom illusionist received a limited series in the 90s and another under Morrison’s Seven Soldiers project, Paul Dini’s latest sees her distanced from the Justice League and…

  • Zatanna #1 Comic Book Review

    Zatanna #1 Comic Book Review

    DC, $2.99 Story: Paul Dini Pencils: Stephane Roux Inks: Karl Story Colours: John Kalisz Appealing to the hot-magician-in-fishnets fetishist in us all, Zatanna is a fan favourite who has long deserved a regular series. But she’s also the sort of property that demands a capable writer; for every Neil Gaiman who’s portrayed Zatanna at her…

  • Batman: Death and the City TPB Review

    Batman: Death and the City TPB Review

    2007, DC Writers: Paul Dini, Stuart Moore, Royal McGraw Pencils: Don Kramer, Andy Clarke Inks: Wayne Faucher Colours: John Kalisz, Nathan Eyring Perhaps more than any mainstream comic property, Batman is perfectly suited for short stories, due in parts to the character being firmly rooted in the noir/crime genre. The Bruce Timm and Paul Dini…