Month: May 2006

  • Hulk: The End Graphic Novel Review

    Hulk: The End Graphic Novel Review

    2001, Marvel Writer: Peter David Pencils: Dale Keown Inks: Joe Weems with Livesay Colours: Dan Kemp “I am the weak piston in that engine,” Bruce Banner tells himself, as he endures the torment of Prometheus in this green-skinned take on The Last Man on Earth. Humanity has long passed, and Hulk has finally found the…

  • Secuestro Express Film Review

    Secuestro Express Film Review

    2005 Dir: Jonathan Jakobowitz Script: Jonathan Jakobowitz Cast: Mía Maestro, Jean Paul Leroux, Ruben Blades Were you to exit Secuestro Express five minutes in, you’d be forgiven for dismissing it as Lock Stock’s impoverished South American cousin. Grainy DV longs shots diverge with flashy character introductions, with Secuestro’s downtrodden scum introduced by baseball card profiles.…