Month: June 2006

  • Hulk – Startling Stories: Banner TPB Review

    Hulk – Startling Stories: Banner TPB Review

    2002, Marvel Writer: Brian Azzarello Art: Richard Corben Colours: Studio FX It would seem not a day goes by in the life of Bruce Banner in which he is not responsible for levelling a small town or lobbing a tank into a helicopter. By showing the aftermath of these tantrums, Banner illustrates the consequences of…

  • Barton Fink Film Review

    Barton Fink Film Review

    1991 Dir: Joel Coen Script: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Cast: John Turturro, John Goodman, Michael Lerner, Steve Buscemi, Judy Davis Deluded, pompous New York socialist playwright Barton Fink (Torturro) undergoes personal and professional deconstruction after moving to Los Angeles to write a wrestling movie for Capitol Pictures. Barton begins to suffer from writer’s block, a…