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Amity Blamity

Amity Blamity: Book One Review

2011, SLG Publishing Written & illustrated by Mike White Amity Blamity follows mute four year-old Gretchen and Chester, a potbellied pig whose ability to talk seems to have earned him a place in Gretchen’s grandmother’s home, rather than hanging from and abattoir hook. Their serene, Pooh-esque playtime is frequently disrupted by Winston, a paranoid gerbil […]

Rip M.D.

Interview: RIP M.D and Angry Beavers Creator Mitch Schauer

Little terrors love big monsters. Rip, the protagonist of RIP M.D., the new series from animation studio Lincoln Butterfield and publisher Fantagraphics Books, is so convinced that the creatures that go bump in the night are simply misunderstood, he decides to make it his business to befriend the undead. From Angry Beavers creator Mitch Schauer, […]

Amity Blamity

Amity Blamity: A Fun For All-Ages Farmland Adventure

Pot bellies, pigtails and flying garlic invade the family farm in new SLG graphic novel series Press Release: Starting a new job is an adventure for anyone, but when you are a four-year old girl working in the barnyard offices of a pot-bellied pig adventure becomes more than a euphemism. So goes Amity Blamity, the […]