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Deadpool #15

Deadpool #15: ‘Want You to Want Me’ Review

Marvel Writer: Daniel Way Pencils: Paco Medina Inks: Juan Vlasco Colours: Marte Gracia, Antonio Fabela Deadpool goes nuttier than an almond finger this month, spending the majority of the issue in a state of wildest delirium. With the dull Dark Reign crossover safely behind us, Daniel Way continues his unique brand of nonsense, which recently […]

Dark Wolverine #76

Dark Reign: Dark Wolverine #76 Review

Marvel Writers: Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu Pencils: Giuseppe Camuncoli Inks: Onofrio Catacchio Daken continues to prove that he’s not the genuine Wolverine, he’s just a very naughty boy, as he playfully manipulates Norman Osborn, Hawkeye/Bullseye and the Fantastic Four to his advantage. ‘The Prince’ is an example of a pretty average comic plot held together […]

Dark Reign: Wolverine Origins #35

Dark Reign: Wolverine Origins #35 Review

Writer: Daniel Way Pencils: Doug Braithwaite Inks: Bill Reinhold, Cam Smith, Paul Neary Colours: Art Lyon, Andy Troy I’d hardly be going out on a limb to say that Daken isn’t quite the fan favourite his father is, or the antagonist Marvel wishes for. We’ve yet to see the character do or say one remotely […]