Mass Effect: Redemption #2

Mass Effect: Redemption #2 Comic Review

Dark Horse, $3.50 Story: Mac Walters Script: John Jackson Miller Art: Omar Francia Colours: Michel Atiyeh The universe Bioware have forged for Mass Effect is nothing short of magnificent, but it doesn’t take a particularly keen eye to spot the problem in expanding this blossoming space opera franchise into other media. While the promotional material […]

Kisenja Superhero Store

Kisenja Superhero Fashion Store Opens its Virtual Doors

Love comics? Wear Clothes? Of course you do, otherwise: a) you probably wouldn’t have found yourself stranded on these here shores in the first place, and b) there’s something irrevocably wrong with you. Anyway, Swedish fashion designer Katarina Emgård has opened her Kisenja Superhero Store, which features outfits modelled by her characters in the webcomic […]