Kisenja Superhero Store

Kisenja Superhero Fashion Store Opens its Virtual Doors

Love comics? Wear Clothes? Of course you do, otherwise: a) you probably wouldn’t have found yourself stranded on these here shores in the first place, and b) there’s something irrevocably wrong with you.

Anyway, Swedish fashion designer Katarina Emgård has opened her Kisenja Superhero Store, which features outfits modelled by her characters in the webcomic of the same name. Far removed from gaudy tights and sparkly capes, these trendy urban garments are pretty damn cool – I especially dig the hoodie shown below.

Kisenja Superhero Store
Kisenja Superhero Store

As for the Kisenja comic, it’s a non-linear tale of five strangers brought together by their unique gifts, with neon-noir visuals and ultra-slick presentation. The Kisenja webcomic and related clothing can be found at



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