The Boys Volume 7: The Innocents

The Boys vol 7: The Innocents TPB Review

2010, Dynamite/Titan Books Story: Garth Ennis Art: Darick Robertson, Russ Braun, John Macrea, Keith Burns Colours: Tony Avina Seven volumes into The Boys and we’ve witnessed buggery, paedophilia, infanticide and more full-frontal nudity than you can furiously shake a rolled up Daily Mail at. Volume 7, ‘The Innocents’, is far lighter in tone than previous […]

The Boys Volume 6: The Self Preservation Society

Comic Book Cramathon: Garth Ennis’s The Boys pt 3

Previously: Comic Book Cramathon: Garth Ennis’s The Boys pt 2 Garth Ennis dials the gross out meter up to 11 in Volume Five: Herogasm, in which we discover exactly what goes on in those superhero crossovers which have plagued comics for decades. In this case, Earth’s greatest heroes ostensibly depart for a war with the […]

Rip M.D.

Interview: RIP M.D and Angry Beavers Creator Mitch Schauer

Little terrors love big monsters. Rip, the protagonist of RIP M.D., the new series from animation studio Lincoln Butterfield and publisher Fantagraphics Books, is so convinced that the creatures that go bump in the night are simply misunderstood, he decides to make it his business to befriend the undead. From Angry Beavers creator Mitch Schauer, […]