Rip M.D.

Interview: RIP M.D and Angry Beavers Creator Mitch Schauer

Little terrors love big monsters. Rip, the protagonist of RIP M.D., the new series from animation studio Lincoln Butterfield and publisher Fantagraphics Books, is so convinced that the creatures that go bump in the night are simply misunderstood, he decides to make it his business to befriend the undead.

From Angry Beavers creator Mitch Schauer, RIP M.D. is an all-ages tale which homages the monster movies and E.C. Comics of yesteryear. Check out the video below for an interview with Schauer, inker Mike Vosburg and colourist Mike Lessa. They discuss their love for comics, why each got into the business in the first place, how the Lincoln Butterfield series came together, and provide an intimate look into the pencil/ink/colour process.



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