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Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare Vol. 1 TPB Review

2010, IDW Story: Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col Art: Andy Belanger Colours: Ian Herring Could any other scribe warrant such a passionate yet divisive response upon the mere utterance of his surname? For every uncultured individual who sees Shakespeare’s plays as the crux of a painful childhood, there seems to be an academically inclined counterpart […]

Ghost Whisperer Graphic Novel Hidden Puzzles

Ghost Whisperer Comic Episode Airs This Week

While comic book adaptations are nothing new to television, it’s only recently that comics themselves have featured so predominantly on TV. Heroes, The O.C. and Supernatural have all enjoyed episodes or story arcs involving them colourful lil’ pamphlets in some form or another. Ghost Whisperer will also be having a comic-centric episode this Friday 2nd […]

Song of Saya #1

Song of Saya #1 Comic Review

IDW, $3.99 Writers: Daniel Liatowitsch, Todd Ocvirk Art: Yair Herrera A young doctor’s promise is cut short when a car accident kills his parents and leaves him in need of experimental brain surgery. Josh finds his perceptions warping from between our established reality and a hellish landscape of organic, haemorrhaging structures and hideous physiognomies. Now […]