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Zatanna #1 - Stephan Roux

Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic TPB Review

DC Comics, 2011 Writer: Paul Dini Art: Stephane Roux, Chad Hardin, Jesus Saiz Garder Fox’s Zatanna Zatara receives her first ongoing series after a mere half-decade. While the buxom illusionist received a limited series in the 90s and another under Morrison’s Seven Soldiers project, Paul Dini’s latest sees her distanced from the Justice League and […]

Batman: Heart of Hush

Batman: Heart of Hush TPB Review

2009, DC Comics Story: Paul Dini Art: Dustin Nguyen Colours: John Kalisz With Heart of Hush Paul Dini takes Jeph Loeb’s bandaged villain and injects some much needed pathos into his backstory, exploring Thomas Elliot’s warped relationship with his mother and the Elliot family’s criminal ties. The original ‘Hush’ arc was seemingly developed to give […]

Gotham City Sirens #2

Batman Reborn: Gotham City Sirens #2 Review

DC Writer: Paul Dini Art: Guillem March Colours: Jose Villarrubia Given the overall exceptional quality of the various titles contained within the Batman Reborn label, there had to be at least one stinker. Gotham City Sirens is by far the weakest of these releases, with the usually reliable Paul Dini failing to make the trio […]

Batman: Death and the City TPB - Paul Dini

Batman: Death and the City TPB Review

2007, DC Writers: Paul Dini, Stuart Moore, Royal McGraw Pencils: Don Kramer, Andy Clarke Inks: Wayne Faucher Colours: John Kalisz, Nathan Eyring Perhaps more than any mainstream comic property, Batman is perfectly suited for short stories, due in parts to the character being firmly rooted in the noir/crime genre. The Bruce Timm and Paul Dini […]