Batman and the Monster Men TPB

Batman and the Monster Men TPB Review

Originally published 2006, DC Vertigo Writer: Matt Wagner Artist: Matt Wagner Colours: Dave Stewart Matt Wagner presents the Dark Knight’s first foray into the bizarre, in this Frankenstein flavoured pseudo-sequel to Miller’s Year One. The Batmobile, Robin and crew are all absent, and Batman’s relationship with James Gordon, not yet commissioner, is under development. Wagner’s […]

Civil War: Iron Man

Civil War: Iron Man TPB Review

Marvel, 2006 Writers: Christos N. Gage, Daniel Knauf, Charles Knauf, Brian Michael Bendis Pencilers: Jeremy Haun, Patrick Zircher, Alex Maleev Inkers: Mark Morales, Scott Hanna Colours: Morry Hollowell, Guru EFX, Jose Villarrubia This is an odd volume, occurring both before and after the death of Marvel’s finest, Captain America, but like the Frontlines series it […]