Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: The Long Halloween TPB Review

1996, DC Write: Jeph Loeb Artist: Tim Sale Colours: Gregory Wright Essentially years two and three to Frank Miller’s seminal Batman: Year One, Loeb and Sale’s superhero noir The Long Halloween resumes the Caped Crusaders conflicts with Gotham’s feuding Mafiosos, the Falcone and Maroni families, introduced in Year One, as well as providing an origin […]

Howard the Duck: Media Duckling

Howard the Duck: Media Duckling TPB Review

2008, Marvel Writers: Ty Templeton, Steve Gerber Pencils: Juan Bobillo, Frank runner, Roger Langridge Inks: Marselo Sosa, Steve Leialoha Colours: Nester Pereyra, J. Brown, Frank Brunner The Duck returns just six years after his last series, which, for a character plagued by numerous legal battles, ownership squabbles and the weight of a rancid Lucas-produced 80s […]

The Sandman - Neil Gaiman

New Reader’s Guide to Neil Gaiman’s Graphic Novels

With the success of the movie adaptation Stardust, as well as his novel American Gods, Neil Gaiman’s work is finally getting the mainstream attention it deserves. Though alongside Allen Moore, Gaiman has been one of the few American comic writers to enter popular culture, gathering critical acclaim from outside the comic book sphere, many of […]