Rachel Weisz and Adrien Brody in The Brothers Bloom

The Brothers Bloom DVD Review

2009, Optimum Home Entertainment Director: Rian Johnson Cast: Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Weisz, Robbie Coltrane, Rinko Kikuchi Script: Rian Johnson You have to admire writer/director Rian Johnson’s propensity for overreaching. His first movie, Brick, was a high school murder mystery which channelled the noir sensibilities of Hammett and Chandler, and even if its askew […]

A Friendly Game

A Friendly Game Graphic Novel Review

2010, Slave Labor Graphics Story: Joe Pimienta, Lindsay Hornsbys Script, Inks: Lindsay Hornsby Pencils: Joe Pimienta As anyone who suffered a speech impediment, thick spectacles, tentacles-for-arms or any other physical distinction at school will attest, children can be evil little bastards. But few are as demented as A Friendly Game’s central rascals Todd and Kevin, […]

Sean Dietrich’s Catalepsy

Sean Dietrich’s Catalepsy Comic Review

2007, 215 Ink Written and Illustrated by: Sean Dietrich From the skewed mind of Sean Dietrich (Industriacide, Fervor) comes Catalepsy, a short but sweet tale of aeroplanes, alcoholism and afterlife. To divulge much of its plot, or indeed compare it to Adrian Lyne’s classic 90s psychological thriller with which it share its central concept, would […]

Armageddon Quest

Ron Roach’s 900-page Epic ‘Armageddon Quest’ Needs YOU!

Killing the Grizzly, a new literary agency specialising in graphic novels, is currently embarking on a personal mission to get Ron Roach’s 900-page epic Armageddon Quest published. For those unfamiliar with the comic (as I was), Armageddon Quest has taken Roach nearly 20 years to complete. The black and white graphic novel, which “chronicles the […]

Morning Glories #1 - Rodin Esquejo

Morning Glories #1 Comic Book Review

$3.99, Image Story: Nick Spencer Art: Joe Eisner Colours: Alex Sollazzo Nick Spencer’s hit new series Morning Glories is further proof that everybody loves good mystery. While the series (presumably) borrows elements from Susperia, The Faculty and a thousand other high school dramas, Spencer (Existence 2.0, Forgetless) has smartly abstained from revealing precisely what his […]