Snow White and the Huntsman - Kristen Stewart

Vote for New Comics Talent in the Eagle Awards Headhunter’s Challenge

As someone whose interest in mainstream comics is slowly diminishing with every year that passes – be that due to persistent rebooting, genre oversaturation or, most likely, my undernourished wallet – I find the Headhunter’s Challenge one of the most exciting categories in this year’s Eagle Awards. Based around the upcoming movie Snow White And […]

D.O.G.S. of Mars

Image Comics to Publish Dogs of Mars TPB

Image Comics will be publishing a trade paperback collection of issues 1-4 of D.O.G.S. of Mars, the sci-fi/horror title originally sold via digital platform The series, produced by Philadelphia-based studio South Fellini (Moon Girl, LaMorte Sisters) and illustrated by Paul Maybury (Marvel Strange Tales, Comic Book Tattoo and webcomic Party Bear) follows Zoe, the swashbuckling captain […]

Spandex: Hard and Fast

All-Gay Superhero Team Hit Brighton Hard and Fast this May

While Northstar has been out of the closet for years, and Apollo and Midnighter are no longer an item but a married couple, Martin Eden’s Spandex has proudly claimed the title of “Britain’s first all gay superhero team” – a claim which I’m willing to believe that someone else can/will contest. The O-Men creator’s technicolour […]