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Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-men: Utopia #1

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-men: Utopia #1 Review

Marvel Writer: Matt Fraction Art: Marc Silvestri, Michael Broussard, Eric Basaldua, Tyler Kirkham, Sheldon Mitchell, Joe Weems, Marco Galli, Rick & Eric Basaldua, Jason Gorder, Jay Liesten, Sal Regla, Jon Sibal, Ryan Winn Colours: Frank D’Armata With the exception of the two Wolverine titles, the X-books have had little contact with the all-encompassing Dark Reign. […]

Dark Reign: The List: The Avengers

Dark Reign: The List: Avengers Review

Marvel Writer: Brian Michel Bendis Pencils: Marko Djurdjevic Inks: Mark Morales Colours: Marte Gracia This one-shot commencing the next stage in Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, ‘The List’, left me somewhat peeved for two reasons. Firstly, this seemingly thick $3.99 special actually contains 15 pages of “preview pages” from the upcoming Daredevil and X-men one-shots, which […]

Dark Avengers #7

Utopia: Dark Avengers #7 Comic Review

Marvel Writer: Matt Fraction Pencils: Luke Ross Inks: Rick Maygar, Mark Pennington, Luke Ross Colours: Rain Beredo Matt Fraction takes the reins from Brian Bendis for several issues, as the Dark Avengers are sucked into the Utopia crossover, and the abrupt shift in tone is jarring to say the least. The perceptible atrophy of Osborn’s […]

Dark Avengers #4

Dark Reign: Dark Avengers #4 Comic Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Mike Deodato Colours: Rain Beredo When the Dark Avengers series was first announced, its title struck me as a little odd. Darth Vader and Sith Lord company aside, modern antagonists rarely view themselves as actual villains. Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor and Magneto all proclaim to have humanity’s best interests at […]