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Future Foundation #1

FF #1 Comic Book Review

Marvel, $3.99 Writer: Jonathan Hickman Art: Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, Paul Mounts Given the publicity and teaser images preceding its debut, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this Fantastic Four reboot would start afresh with Marvel’s first family, now sans the recently deceased Human Torch. Instead, Jonathan Hickman’s Future Foundation is an extension of the […]

Dark Wolverine #76

Dark Reign: Dark Wolverine #76 Review

Marvel Writers: Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu Pencils: Giuseppe Camuncoli Inks: Onofrio Catacchio Daken continues to prove that he’s not the genuine Wolverine, he’s just a very naughty boy, as he playfully manipulates Norman Osborn, Hawkeye/Bullseye and the Fantastic Four to his advantage. ‘The Prince’ is an example of a pretty average comic plot held together […]