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Five Wounds - Jonathan Walker, Dan Hallett

Jonathan Walker’s ‘Five Wounds’ is a Magnificent Bastard

A few months ago when I reviewed Jonathan Walker’s Five Wounds: An Illuminated Novel, I called the illustrated novel “a bit of a bastardised mongrel.” Turns out Jonathan couldn’t agree more; over at John Scalzi’s Whatever he argues the strengths of such a format in an insightful piece on the thought process behind his and […]

Five Wounds - Jonathan Walker, Dan Hallett

The Influence of Comic Books on Five Wounds

Jonathan Walker is the author of Five Wounds: An Illuminated Novel and Pistols! Treason! Murder!: The Rise and Fall of a Master Spy (both illustrated by Dan Hallett). He is also a historian of Venice, who has been researching and publishing on the city for over ten years. Below he explains the influence of comic books on the unique ‘illuminated’ format of Five Wounds, which is published today in the U.K.