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Free-to-play Gaming Celebrates Iron Man 3 in Every Way Possible

While Iron Man 3 has seen an onslaught of toys, clothing and other assorted crap (though I do want a Lego Ben Kingsley) to coincide with Marvel’s big release, there’s the conspicuous absence of a video game adaptation. That is, until you realise that the customary major console release has been replaced by a Facebook update, a PC free-to-play and a tablet game.

Iron Man 3 - Pepper Potts as Rescue

New Iron Man 3 Poster: Pepper Potts Cradles Stark’s Battered Helmet

The evil overlords at Disney/Marvel have been teasing us with some brilliant Iron Man 3 promotional posters these past few weeks, each showcasing a different supporting character. And now it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s time to shine in a Photoshop-enhanced promo, in an effective but hardly revelatory image of Pepper Potts cradling Iron Man’s battered helmet.