Free-to-play Gaming Celebrates Iron Man 3 in Every Way Possible

While Iron Man 3 has seen an onslaught of toys, clothing and other assorted crap (though I do want a Lego Ben Kingsley) to coincide with Marvel’s big release, there’s the conspicuous absence of a video game adaptation.

That is, until you realise that the customary major console release has been replaced by a Facebook update, a PC free-to-play and a tablet game.  Hey, I don’t like it much either, but this is just the way things are now. Deal with it.

Anyway, Facebook drug Avengers Alliance recently pushed out the Spec Op 9: Extremis missions, which allow players to unlock Rescue (aka Pepper Potts), and give Iron Man and War Machine a lick of paint to add the Mark 42 armour and Iron Patriot, respectively, to your roster. New adversaries Titanium Man and Blizzard have also entered the fray.

Avengers Alliance - Rescue

Gazillion Entertainment is throwing yet another Marvel Heroes open beta this weekend (just release the game already, dammit!), but this one promises a more Iron Man-centric experience than before, with several of Stark variants playable from the offset. Rather than simply being alternate skins, each armour apparently bestows a unique ability.

And if you’re more the mobile gamer, then there’s Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 game, available on iOS and Android. It’s a surprisingly good Temple Run fashioned lark, and worth a look for the 3D gallery of armours alone. But, as with many free-to-play titles, the experience soon hits the pay wall, and progressing further into the game becomes a costly affair.



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