Initial Character Designs from The Scribe

I’m currently working on the character sheets for my webcomic The Scribe, which I aim to beginning publishing here on a page-per-week basis this July/August. The series, which follows pretentious failed writer Bartelby Butler as he struggles to come to terms with the past, present and possible future of a relationship that never was.

The series will take place over three separate timelines, each of which is essentially set in an alternate universe, and will be drawn in a completely different art style. How these narratives overlap, intertwine and contradict one another will provide a mystery which will run throughout the first 6 issues (of a planned 36 issue series).

Check out a few images below, of protagonist Bartleby and love interest Morgan. No, I’m not the worlds greatest artist, but to entirely honest I never intended to be; I consider myself a writer foremost and illustrate out of necessity.bartleby-charactersheet-yellow-blue




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