Captain America: Winter Soldier vol. 2

Captain America: Winter Soldier vol. 2 TPB Review

Marvel Writer: Ed Brubaker Art: Steve Epting, Michael Lark, Mike Perkins Colours: Frank D’Armata The Winter Soldier storyline is a prime example of a comic property handled intelligently without completely forsaking its history, and indeed a more than serviceable slice of science fiction. Captain America is vocally conflicted by S.H.I.E.L.D. procedures yet works alongside the […]

Angel: After the Fall vol. 1 TPB

Angel: After the Fall vol. 1 TPB Review

2008, IDWStory: Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch Script: Brian Lynch Pencils: Franco Urru Colours: Jason Jensen, Art Lyon, Ilaria Traversi Though the Buffyverse’s resurrection in comic form began with a pleasing enough bang courtesy of Dark Horse, there was definitely a sense that even Joss Whedon was unsure where the iconic vampire slayer was heading. Sure, […]

Madrox: Multiple Choice TPB

Madrox: Multiple Choice TPB Review

2006, Marvel Writer: Peter David Penciller: Pablo Raimondi Inker: Drew Hennessy Colourist: Brian Reber One question I’m frequently asked by friends who’ve been bitten by the comic book bug, typically via movie adaptations, is “what’s your favourite superhero?” Despite my best efforts to, firstly, explain that I generally choose the books I read on the […]

Spider-man: Back in Black vol. 1 TPB Review

Spider-man: Back in Black vol. 1 TPB Review

2007, Marvel Writers: J. Michael Straczynski, Peter David Pencils: Ron Garney, Todd Nauck, Ronan Cliquet, Colleen Doran Inks: Bill Reinhold, Rob Stull, Robert Campanella Colours: Matt Milla, John Kalisz, Jose Villarrubia Spider-man has been yanked in some questionable directions over the last few years, which is why Back in Black, a refreshingly simple revenge tale, […]

The Sweeter Side of Robert Crumb

The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb Book Review

MQ Publications By: Robert Crumb Though the debate over whether Crumb’s work is juvenile pornography or inventive, sexually-charged satire has hopefully been left behind with the seventies, it is difficult to believe that the “nasty, negative, misanthropic sex pervert” – as Crumb himself describes his public image in this book’s introduction – has a sweeter […]