Dead Future #3 Review

Grim Crew Presents: Dead Future #3 Review

2009, Grim Crew Writers: Martin Brandt II, Tiffany Brandt, Adam Wilson Artists: Gaston Pacheco, Drake Harris, Michael Stewart, Mark Dodson See also: Grim Crew Presents: Dead Future #1 and #2 Review Martin Brandt and company continue to forecast the undead apocalypse in this anthology series by writers and artists from around the world. As with […]

Justice Society of America: The Bad Seed (JSA)

Justice Society of America: The Bad Seed (JSA) Review

DC, 2009 Writer: Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham Art: Jesus Merino Colours: Allen Passalaqua So… imagine you’re a comic book publisher. Superheroes inspired by the Golden Age are the trend of the moment, so you take a series renowned for its old school crime-fighters and you let Geoff Johns go mad with it, cramming as many […]

Dark X-Men #1

Dark X-Men #1 Review

Marvel, $3.99 Story: Paul Cornell Art: Leonard Kirk, Jay Leisten, Brian Leber Norman Osborn’s own band of merry mutants get yet another miniseries. As with much of Marvels’ Dark Reign related material, it’s decently written, nicely illustrated… but somehow feels completely unnecessary. Whereas the central plot element of the Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men Utopia crossover was […]