New Titan Book Site Launched

Graphic novel and movie tie-in publisher Titan Books has launched its new website at, timed to coincide with the San Diego Comic-Con. Unlike your average publisher website, however, there’s a great blog section here that’s already brimming with interviews with such creators as Mike Carey and Frank Quitely. From the press release: As part […]

The Royal Historian of Oz #1

The Royal Historian of Oz #1 Review

Slave Labor Graphics, $1.00 Story: Tommy Kovac Art: Andy Hirsch The perpetual regurgitation of public domain properties is something you either reluctantly enjoy or thoroughly despise. For every Wicked or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen there’s a dozen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. With SLG’s The Royal Historian of Oz, Tommy Kovac and Andy Hirsch take […]

Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond #1 Comic Book Review

DC, $2.99 Writer: Adam Beechen Pencils: Ryan Benjamin Inks: John Stanisci Colours: David Baron From the first page of ‘Hush Beyond,’ the comic revival of the futuristic Timm/Dini take on Batman, it’s clear that this ain’t your daddy’s/younger self’s Batman Beyond. Kicking off with the aftermath of an inmate escape from Cadmus Labs and the […]

After Dark #0

After Dark #0: Radical Premiere Review

Radical Comics, $1.00 Story: Antoine Fuqua, Wesley Snipes Script: Peter Milligan Art: Jeff Nentrup, Sara Biddle Radical Comics is a relatively new publisher that prints thicker, 52-page books with high production values and movie adaptations in mind. The company has also been beset with plagiarism accusations (Nick Simmon’s Incarnate) and a lawsuit concerning unpaid wages, […]