Shadoweyes Graphic Novel Review

2010, Slave Labor Graphics Story, Art: Ross Campbell Ross Campbell’s Shadoweyes is the tale of teenage misfit Scout Montana, who after a failed attempt at vigilantism is clumped on the head with a brick and finds herself transformed into the eponymous blue-skinned creature. Scout is initially able to return to her human form, but she […]

New Site, New Direction. Sort Of…

Last week I decided to give the writing a break and redesign from scratch. The idea was to design the site around a pile of notebooks and sketchpads strewn across a tabletop; this new look would stand out from the crowd, and emphasise the more personal direction I planned to take the site in. […]

Isness: A Cinematic Graphic Novel

‘Isness’ Fotonovel Project Seeks Donors

A bunch of Brooklyn creatives led by multimedia artist Stavit Allweis need your donations to help fund Isness, a gruesome fotonovela chronicling the last 24 hours in the lives of the sole surviving family of a post-apocalyptic future. For those unaware of what exactly a fotonovela is, the format was essentially a comic book with […]