Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare Vol. 1 TPB Review

2010, IDW Story: Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col Art: Andy Belanger Colours: Ian Herring Could any other scribe warrant such a passionate yet divisive response upon the mere utterance of his surname? For every uncultured individual who sees Shakespeare’s plays as the crux of a painful childhood, there seems to be an academically inclined counterpart […]

Nightmares and Fairy Tales: Annabelle's Story #1

Nightmares and Fairy Tales Returns with Original Artist

Serena Valentino and FSc team up on new miniseries Press Release: In Nightmares and Fairy Tales, a comic series by Serena Valentino and FSc launched in 2001, an antique doll named Annabelle, passed from owner to owner, holds frightening secrets and stories of love, betrayal, violence, and madness. Annabelle doesn’t know why doomed women are […]

Hokusai: Demons

Hokusai: Demons Available Now

Press Release: The new collection of dream stories by critically acclaimed comics creator Al Davison has a distinctly Japanese flavor. All the stories have the common thread of featuring  ‘Kitsune’ or  ‘Fox Mothers’ somewhere.  These shape-shifting, mischievous creatures of Japanese folk-lore appear to be, sometimes overtly, sometimes secretly, influencing the characters actions, and by extension, […]

Zombie Terrors

Zombie Terrors Gets New Release Date, 32-Page Preview

Zombie Terrors gets new release date, bumps pages to 184 – Keeps price $14.95 Press Release: Frank Forte, publisher of Asylum Press, announces the release of a new 32-page preview of their newest anthology, Zombie Terrors.  “We had some production delays, but the book looks great.,” says Publisher/Creator Frank Forte, “We should have the books […]