Hokusai: Demons

Hokusai: Demons Available Now

Press Release: The new collection of dream stories by critically acclaimed comics creator Al Davison has a distinctly Japanese flavor. All the stories have the common thread of featuring  ‘Kitsune’ or  ‘Fox Mothers’ somewhere.  These shape-shifting, mischievous creatures of Japanese folk-lore appear to be, sometimes overtly, sometimes secretly, influencing the characters actions, and by extension, the authors dreams.   The varieties of drawing styles not only reflect the diversity in the authors dream life, but his virtuosity as an artist as well.

Hokusai: Demons
Hokusai: Demons

Sample from Neil Gaiman’s Introduction to the book:
“Al’s aware of other artists- it would be hard to read Hokusai: Demons without ever thinking of Lynd Ward of Arthur Rackham of- but you can name your own names as easily as I can.  No two dreams in this book look the same, because no two dreams are the same.  The styles are truly Al’s, just as the dreams are-while style is dictated by the dreams and the nightmares, and is always secondary to content, it’s still enormously fun to see what he can do.  He chooses a style that’s appropriate to the dream, or nightmare.”

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Title: Hokusai Demons
Publisher: The Astral Gypsy Ltd
Author/Artist: Al Davison
Format: Full Color Trade Paperback, 96 pages
Price: $17.99
ISBN: 978-0-9562843-1-0



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