Zombie Terrors

Zombie Terrors Gets New Release Date, 32-Page Preview

Zombie Terrors gets new release date, bumps pages to 184 – Keeps price $14.95

Press Release: Frank Forte, publisher of Asylum Press, announces the release of a new 32-page preview of their newest anthology, Zombie Terrors.  “We had some production delays, but the book looks great.,” says Publisher/Creator Frank Forte, “We should have the books in hand by Nov. 22, 2010.”

Because of the delay Asylum Press had to cancel the book originally scheduled to ship Sept. 2010.  “We did what’s called an Order adjustment request,” explains Forte, ” Retailers have form Nov. 11th to Nov. 19th to adjust their orders.  They can either decrease or increase.  We hope they increase.  I can’t apologize enough for the delay.  I know retailers don;t like late books, but I think we’ve delivered a great anthology.  We upped the original page count from 152 to 184 and gave the fans some great zombie tales.”

“We’re calling it Zombie Terrors, an Anthology of the Undead,” says Publisher/Creator Frank Forte, “it’s a collection of horrific and fantastic stories featuring everyone’s favorite brain eaters.”

Zombie Terrors
Zombie Terrors

Szymon Kudranski (SPAWN) brings us The Barber, a tale of the undead and the Mob. In Creature Converts, by Canadian storyboard and comic artist Craig Wilson, a cat lady’s feline friends develop a taste for the flesh.  In Feast ( written by Royal McGraw (Batman:Battle for the Cowl, Commissioner Gordon), Illustrated by Adauto Silva ) a gangster’s taste for a delicacy becomes his end.  Dwayne Harris unearths zombies from 1776 in Deadcoats.  In Hate by Doug Williams, a zombie must confront what he’s become.  Billy George brings us The Undead Templars a tale of the blind dead.  Allison written by Frank Forte and illustrated by horror master Tim Vigil, colored by Joe Vigil,  a lovesick man tries to resurrect his dead lover with horrifying results.  Bond follows a lone survivor in a zombie holocaust (by Euro guys Bartosz Sztybor and Macie Wodz). Grmbghraaaaagh! (by Bartosz Sztybor and Pawel Wojiechowicz) is a tale of zombies trying to escape what they are.  Dead of Night by Joie Simmons is a great B&W tale.  David Paleo brings Rot Clowns. Aaron Rintoul brings When we Disappear, a esoteric tale of zombie armageddon where we track two lovers trying to survive.  Other tales by Robert S. Rhine (Girls and Corpses) , Nenad Gucunja, JC Wong, and Zombie Evolution by Pyko.

Also includes a special 24 PAGE preview of the upcoming voodoo/zombie series Undead Evil illustrated by Nenad Gucunja.  Pin-ups by David Hartman, Jason Edmiston and Doug Williams. Over 15 flesh-eating tales to shock and horrify! ! Cover by Aly Fell

Preview can be seen here: http://www.asylumpress.com/

Official site: zombieterrors.com

Writers and Artists: Frank Forte, Tim Vigil, Szymon Kudranski, Robert S. Rhine, Royal McGraw, Nenad Gucunja, Steve Mannion, Adauto Silva, David Paleo, Dwayne Harris, David Hartman, Doug Williams, Craig Wilson.
Format: SC, 184 pgs, COLOR , perfect bound
Retail Price: $14.95
New Ship Date: Nov. 2010
ISBN13: 978-1-61724-001-0



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