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Ip Man starring Donnie Yen

Hong Kong Film Week Begins Today

Bit of an eleventh hour news post, this one, but I thought it work mentioning that the Hong Kong Film Week kicks off in London this week. While hardly a film festival – it’s more a case of 5 movies showing in several different cinemas – the week is a great opportunity to see some of the Hong Kong film industry’s most celebrated recent output on the big screen.

A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy (Äntligen Midsommar!)

A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy (Äntligen Midsommar!) DVD Review

2009 Director: Ian McCrudden Script: Henrik Engström, Mattias Grosin, Erik Hörstadius, Ian McCrudden Cast: Olle Sarri, Lisa Werlinder, Alexander Karim, Anna Littorin, Luke Perry Not to be confused with Woody Allen’s 1982 comedy A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy is an amiable enough little movie that sees three couples (and Luke […]