Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1

Batman: Battle for the Cowl – The Underground #1 Review

DC Writer: Chris Yost Art: Pablo Raimondi Colours: Brian Reber The Battle for the Cowl one shots have been a mixed bag, with only the excellent Arkham Asylum adding anything significant to Gotham City and its demented denizens. The Underground is equally interesting, if a little unfocussed. With the revived Black Mask now calling the […]

Justice League of America #32

Justice League of America #32 Review

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie Pencils: Rags Morales Inks: John Dell Colours: Pete Pantazis The fall of the Justice League empire continues, and with the upper tier members either resigned, deceased or on call, only John Stewart, Firestorm, Dr. Light, Vixen and Zatanna remain. With the exception of Zatanna, none of this makeshift line-up proves particularly interesting, […]

Dark Reign: Wolverine Origins #35

Dark Reign: Wolverine Origins #35 Review

Writer: Daniel Way Pencils: Doug Braithwaite Inks: Bill Reinhold, Cam Smith, Paul Neary Colours: Art Lyon, Andy Troy I’d hardly be going out on a limb to say that Daken isn’t quite the fan favourite his father is, or the antagonist Marvel wishes for. We’ve yet to see the character do or say one remotely […]

Dark Avengers #4

Dark Reign: Dark Avengers #4 Comic Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Mike Deodato Colours: Rain Beredo When the Dark Avengers series was first announced, its title struck me as a little odd. Darth Vader and Sith Lord company aside, modern antagonists rarely view themselves as actual villains. Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor and Magneto all proclaim to have humanity’s best interests at […]