Month: May 2009

  • Crazy Machines Complete PC Review

    Crazy Machines Complete PC Review

    Crazy Machines Complete provides an excellent package of puzzles and design tools, but its insane difficulty level is likely to make all but the most precocious gamer feel like a dunce.

  • New Mutants vol 3 #1 Comic Book Review

    New Mutants vol 3 #1 Comic Book Review

    Writer: Zeb Wells Pencils: Diogenes Neves Inks: Cam Smith, Ed Tadeo Colours: John Rauch Having fully excavated the nineties, Marvel is now digging deeper in the hope of replicating the success of the recent X-Force reboot. The New Mutants, a title perhaps most famous introducing both the character Cable and the polarising talents of Rob…

  • The Flash: Rebirth #2 Comic Book Review

    The Flash: Rebirth #2 Comic Book Review

    DC Comics Writer: Geoff Jones Art: Ethan Van Sciver Colours: Alex Sinclair As someone who dips in and out of the DC Universe while keeping one foot firmly in Marvel territory, it continues to amaze me how DC make no effort whatsoever to open up their new titles to the uninitiated. By bringing back Barry…

  • Batman: Detective Comics #853 Review

    Batman: Detective Comics #853 Review

    Story: Neil Gaiman Art: Andy Kubert Inks: Scott Williams Colours: Alex Sinclair Trust Neil Gaiman to write a story like ‘Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?’ Whereas Gaiman’s most recent mainstream superhero work such as 1602 and Eternals has been pretty conventional business, this tale was far closer to his more ambiguous work from Vertigo.…

  • Amazing Spider-man #593 Comic Review

    Amazing Spider-man #593 Comic Review

    Marvel Writer: Mark Waid Pencils: Mike McKone Inks: Lanning and Kessel Colours: Jeromy Cox Though last issue’s final page almost cost me both my eyesight and my sanity, I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of ‘24/7’. But one week later and the premise has already swung into a brick wall. Spider-man continues to work around…

  • Velvet Assassin PC Review

    Velvet Assassin PC Review

    Though it will frequently test your patience, Violette Summer’s revenge quest offers a haunting yet surprisingly plausible depiction of war. If Velvet Assassin had been made 10 years ago, its protagonist would likely have been a male, gravel-voiced, 80s throwback of an action hero. Today, game developers have wised up to the true potential of…

  • Batman: Battle for the Cowl – The Underground #1 Review

    Batman: Battle for the Cowl – The Underground #1 Review

    DC Writer: Chris Yost Art: Pablo Raimondi Colours: Brian Reber The Battle for the Cowl one shots have been a mixed bag, with only the excellent Arkham Asylum adding anything significant to Gotham City and its demented denizens. The Underground is equally interesting, if a little unfocussed. With the revived Black Mask now calling the…

  • Justice League of America #32 Review

    Justice League of America #32 Review

    Writer: Dwayne McDuffie Pencils: Rags Morales Inks: John Dell Colours: Pete Pantazis The fall of the Justice League empire continues, and with the upper tier members either resigned, deceased or on call, only John Stewart, Firestorm, Dr. Light, Vixen and Zatanna remain. With the exception of Zatanna, none of this makeshift line-up proves particularly interesting,…