Dark Avengers #7

Utopia: Dark Avengers #7 Comic Review

Marvel Writer: Matt Fraction Pencils: Luke Ross Inks: Rick Maygar, Mark Pennington, Luke Ross Colours: Rain Beredo Matt Fraction takes the reins from Brian Bendis for several issues, as the Dark Avengers are sucked into the Utopia crossover, and the abrupt shift in tone is jarring to say the least. The perceptible atrophy of Osborn’s […]

Batman #688

Batman Reborn: Batman #688 Comic Review

DC Writer: Judd Winick Pencils: Mark Bagley Inks: Rob Hunter Colours: Ian Hannin Whereas last month’s issue of Batman saw Dick Grayson accept his role as Wayne’s successor, this month we see Gotham’s underworld react to the new, media-friendly Dark Knight; more specifically Penguin and Two-Face, the later of whom isn’t convinced by the Bat-impostor. […]

The King of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match

The King of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match Xbox Live Review

Look beyond this game’s ugly visuals and you’ll find its fighting spirit is still strong after ten years. Back in 1998, superhuman pugilism was a far more pixelated affair. Punch-ups would require that opponents face each other along a straight line, while parallax scrolling was a positively jaw-dropping spectacle. Back then there was also no […]

Champions Online

Champions Online PC Review

Champions Online offers action-packed combat exhaustive character creation tools and brilliant visuals in a polished, humour-laden package. Without exception, anyone who’s ever been bitten by the comic book bug will have at some time imagined what it would be like to possess super powers. We’ve all fantasised about gripping the teacher or boss in a […]